Cultivation & Growing

Some ideas and information Indra has pointed out over the various YouTube appearances he’s made, either on Bubbleman’s Hash Church, The Hive, or his own YouTube channel.

How to grow monster plants which yield 15–18 pounds per plant

Indra outlines a process where you grow cannabis plants 4–5 ft (120–155cm) tall inside a PVC pipe, then turn them into a giant root.

The idea is to plant the seed/cutting inside a 4–5 ft PVC pipe and let it stretch towards the light. It should grow straight upwards, and not branch outwards. Once it gets to the top/opening of the PVC pipe, you “unsheathe” it and turn it into a root.

The process is to uproot the plant, shave/scuff the stem lengthwise as you might when taking a clone, dip/run the 4-foot stem through rooting solution top-to-bottom.

From there you dig a 4-foot deep hole, 6–12 inches wide. You’re looking for a plug of soil, 4–5 ft deep that you can feed the stem into, and fill in leaving just the top 6-8 inches sprouting out of the soil. What you’re doing is creating a 4-foot root. By dousing the scuffed stem and burying it, your plant will need some time to recover. Wait a couple weeks.

After one or two weeks, your plant will explode. Indra refers to the Hermetic philosophy, “That which is Below corresponds to that which is Above, and that which is Above corresponds to that which is Below, to accomplish the miracle of the One Thing.”

So if you have a huge structure below the surface, you will also get a giant structure above the surface. He’s said that cannabis plants grow this way can reach 22 feet across, 12–14 feet tall and pull 15–18 lbs of dried, cured nugs.

Here’s a quote where he speaks about the process:

“We grow the stem up in a tube until it’s 4.5 or 5 ft tall, and we remove the tube without it having branched out; we take a sterile razor and we cut from the top down in half, and then again in fourths.

Once the stem is laid out in fourths, you lay it out and coat it with root tone, and… of course there’s a good 500 gallons of soil in the box… and you keep it covered in root tone for a while, and pretty soon all of those branches that are on those four pieces (plus many many more) will come up and you will start to see this huge presentation that can be as far as 22 ft around and 12 or 14 ft high”

The idea here is, Starts at 46:27, and plays through. Check it out on youtube.

Cannabis Extraction & Extraction Teks

Indra’s Temple Ball Extraction Technique

Indra’s Temple Ball instructions, as described by him on Hash Church episode #99. He gives a forewarning that he hopes people take this information, and act with extreme caution. He also asks that you shoot him $20 in an envelope if you find the information useful.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • 2 gallon bowl (stainless steel – not glass, not ceramic)
  • 80-100 grams of trichomes
  • 80-100 grams of oil
  • 2-2.5 quarts of liquid nitrogen

The directions are as follows:

  • oil goes into bowl
  • liquid nitrogen goes into bowl
  • use mortar or suitable device and crunch the oil up until it looks like powder (floating in the liquid nitrogen). this is quite easy to do because at -160 degrees it’s very very brittle. It will break up into very small pieces if you’re persistent
  • trichomes go into bowl, and stir well
  • set bowl outside on porch and wait for 30 mins
  • scoop it out, roll it in your hands

Safety precautions:

  • Nitrogen is ultra cold. If it gets down in your shoe, or stuck somewhere, it will instantly give you the worst frostbite of your life
  • Have really great ventilation, or better yet on your porch. Nitrogen molecules are dangerous in your lungs and will suffocate you

Here’s His Bubble Hash Technique

  • Bubble bags are messy, this is easier
  • Dewar full of Nitrogen with sprayer attached (buy cheap chinese dewars, couple hundred bucks. buy nitrogen from welding shops)
  • Sprays plants (fresh) then puts in a drum and crushes it
  • Two screens: He starts with 156 tpi (92u) then move to 212 tpi… 30″x30″ silkscreen
  • One end 1 inch higher
  • Puts 300g of material on
  • Slightly hose it down with ‘extremely cold water’
  • Collect water in a giant planter
  • Washing replaces carding… it’s hydro carding
  • White pearls will collect in planter he uses to collect
  • Uses much less water, and is much easier

Who Is Indra?

John “Indra” Davis is largely considered to be the inventor of BHO, and in many ways a wise sage in the cannabis community. In the nineties, Indra was the member of a now notorious Internet forum that focused on ‘chemistry at home’ in the early-days of the Internet, and wrote out a crude method for running butane through cannabis to create a oil concentrate (a process now referred to as ‘blasting’, and the end-result ‘BHO’).

In my interactions with Indra, he’s shown himself to be an open and introspective person. He has spent significant time in India, and that shows in his outlook on life. He believes in releasing information, remaining open, and to try new things.

I first saw the name Indra back on the forum, but didn’t recognize the importance of his contributions until years later when I started hearing about BHO and that the idea came from way back then. His philosophies are often rooted in Buddhism, and/or Hinduism; we should ask him. When he started showing up on Bubbleman’s Hash Church podcast episodes, I thought it would be important to consolidate some of this thoughts into a cohesive post.

This post can be considered both an homage, and a work in progress. Feel free to comment with details, sources, and other information. The goal isn’t to dig into his personal life, it is to document his knowledge on cannabis in a cohesive archive that will live on forever; so others can learn from his successes, his mistakes, and stand on the shoulders of the giants who came before us. To freely share the information he’s graciously shared with us.

Last updated: June 2019