A Random Smattering of Thoughts & Notes On Cannabis

Over the years I pick up a ton of info, and it typically sits around on post it notes, notepads, notebooks, and text files on my computer.

This page is meant to act as an ever-changing scratchpad scratchpage. As time goes on some of these ideas will hash themselves out into their own posts, I’m sure, and as that happens I’ll try to update this page accordingly with a link to the new resource.

Nutrients & Jack’s 3-2-1

Very similar to the Lukas Formula.

300ppm: add 180 ppm of 5-12-26 then ads 120 ppm of 15-0-0
600 ppm: add 360 ppm of 5-12-26 then add 240 ppm of 15-0-0
750 ppm: add 450ppm of 5-12-26 then add 300 ppm of 15-0-0
900 ppm: add 540 ppm of 5-12-26 then add 360 ppm of 15-0-0

(source: https://www.thcfarmer.com/community/threads/jacks-professional-recipe-recommendations.75569/page-2#post-1517822)

Green Gene on Jack’s 3-2-1

Jack’s ‘Bloom Booster’ (aka Lucas Formula)

Green Gene said he’s used a ‘bloom booster’ formula of Jacks, around day 35 of flower. It’s just the Lucas Formula (1:1:2) applied to Jacks.

Editor’s Note: He has since reneg’d and adamantly notes there’s been no testing done and there’s no real proof that it’s any better than the typical Jack’s 3-2-1 formula.

  1. Drops Nitrogen by 25ppm (to ~100ppm)
  2. Raises Phosphorus from 60 (to ~95ppm)
  3. Potassium stays the same (~215ppm)

He mentions it could be called fox-tailing, but it’s focused on swelling the colas. Later he came back and clarified:

Makes 1 gal:

  • 2.6g Cal Nit
  • 2.2g Jack’s 5-12-26
  • 1.25g NPK (Monopotassium Phosphate)
  • 1.6g Epsom Salts

He fed this bloom booster from day 36–44 of flower.

Reversing A Female

Reversing a Female with Ethylene blockers & STS Spray.

Interesting People Doing Interesting Things With Cannabis

Thoughts on Hashish in the Modern Era of Cannabis

1:38:59 — hour vid from Frenchy

0:38:44 — Part 2

Thoughts On Using Bleach When Growing Plants

The federal regulations (21 CFR Part 173) specify two conditions for the permitted use of hypochlorite solutions in washing produce:

  • The concentration of sanitizer in the wash water must not exceed 2000 ppm hypochlorite.
  • The produce must be rinsed with potable water following the chlorine treatment.

Most operations, unless the produce is very dirty, will not need a sanitizer concentration greater than 200 ppm total chlorine to achieve the desired sanitizing effect. Contact times of one minute or greater are typically sufficient to achieve a thorough kill.

(source: http://ucfoodsafety.ucdavis.edu/files/26437.pdf)

Various Trichome & Particle Separation Patents Found While Trying To Unlock The Key To The Elusive Full Melt Dry Sift

  • Individualized trichomes and products employing same
  • Mechanical lipid removal from tobacco leaves
  • Breeding, production, processing and use of specialty cannabis
  • Cannabis Trim Station with 5 gallon bucket attachment and strap
  • Apparatus and method for vibrational isolation of compounds
  • Method of plant resin separation and extraction

A simple Timeline For Breeding

The way I currently pheno hunt is as follows:

  1. Grow plants from seed, when they are large enough to top, I top them first time and take the tops as clones.
  2. Once seedplants are mature and clones have rooted, I transplant seedplants to flower and rooted clones into veg pots.
  3. I flower out the seedplants and make my notes. The clones in veg are topped and LSTed more in the meantime. I don’t mess with the original seedplants aside from topping them once for clones to get a somewhat good idea how they grow naturally. In the past I just took the clones from the bottom but I have come to realize that the 1 topping provides me with (a) better clones, and (b) immensely increase yield
  4. When the seedplants are harvested, I take another set of clones from the clones in veg and as soon as they rooted, I transplant the original clones into flower.
  5. I now pop the next round of seeds, dry and cure the seedplants
  6. When the original seedplant clones are about a month into flower, my harvested seedplants have dried/cured for a month and are ready for testing.
  7. I now have 1 month to test the seedplants while watching the seedplant clones flower and see how the phenos perform as clones as well.
  8. When the seedplant clones are harvested, I transplant the new strain (the seeds I pooped in 5) ) into flower.
  9. At this point I made my selection and cull everything but the 1 or 2 females I want to keep as mothers. Running the plants a second time from clone is not necessary but helpful as you see how they perform as clones (can have quite the difference)

source: https://www.icmag.com/ic/showpost.php?p=8127109&postcount=23